How to Watch NFL Streaming Online

The most-watched sport on American TV is American football (NFL). So, figuring out how to watch NFL live streaming online is one of the most common concerns for the average football fan. Is it possible to watch NFL live streaming for free, with or without cable? Although there are challenges to find reliable streaming sources, we still have many good options to watch favorite NFL matches without interruption. In this article, we will guide you through the best streaming experience to watch all NFL games online without hassle.

Where To Watch NFL Live?

Live streaming NFL games indeed get complicated and expensive nowadays, but there are still tunnels to watch NFL with low subscription fees plus free trials.

NFL games’ streaming spread across 5 Networks. NFC on Fox, ABC on CBS, Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN, Thursday Night Football on NFL Network or Amazon Prime or Twitch. Local networks determine which games you can watch in a particular location (Note down the scheduled plays if you often travel.)

You also need to find the right streaming method based on the device you are using, e.g a smartphone or TV, laptops, tablets, or game consoles. You could also have a streaming device like Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV.

The NFL offers free live streaming of all Sunday games in your local areas, as well as the national games (Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights) on mobile devices via the NFL and Yahoo! Sports apps.

Watch NFL on TV

Some TV networks offer free live streaming. They each come with some pros and cons. It is your job to completely figure out ins and outs of each network before making the final choice.  Although most TV networks come with free live streaming options, they also offer premium memberships with more advanced services. We have done our research to single out some of the best free streaming networks to watch NFL.

TV Laola1.TV

laola1 tv streaming

TV Laola1.TV is an online free streaming platform (available on Android and iOS). You can stream matches for free from anywhere in the world. You can also record live and watch later. In the premium membership package, you watch in full HD, skip ads, rewind to watch again. Often two or more events stream simultaneously, which gives you the option to watch one game and record another. At less than $5 per month, even the premium package is highly affordable. Content is available in English and German, but it is also not accessible in some countries.

Mama HD

mama hd streaming

MamaHD is a popular, free streaming website, with several streams from which one can choose. The best part of it is when the streams are working; they are of good quality. The bad part of this is that the streams are not always working, so you should consider a back-up plan. MamaHD is illegal in the UK.


sportrar tv streaming

Sportrar TV offers streaming links and TV channels. It is one of the highest-rated (by users) free sports streaming sites. It allows you to search your match by date and watch live, past, and future games. However, one thing to watch out for here is that the site allows intrusive pop-up ads that take you to other malicious websites. A premium VPN or ad-blocker is a must for a site like Sportrar.

When accessing free live streaming sites, having a good VPN is not just a good idea; it is a must-have. It helps to negotiate other difficult spots like geo-restrictions; it encrypts your data, so your activity or location is not traced, and it blocks ads.

One way to hack live streaming for free is to use free trial periods. Most live streaming services charge monthly fees. They also offer free trials, most often for a week. You can choose to try a different live service free trial every week, and cancel the subscription before the trial period ends.

Budget methods for live streaming

HDTV Antenna

hdtv antenna for streaming

You can purchase an antenna for under $10, which will give you access to games being streamed in your area through major broadcast networks, FOX, CBS, and NBC. It also allows you to watch the regional competitions and Sunday Night games on NBC. A one time buy so great for those who are mainly interested in the games in your area.

Sling TV

sling tv for nfl

Sling TV offers you two significant packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange, or a combined package of both. Individual packages are $15, while the combined package is $25. It would help if you got the free antenna (in the $35 package) offered by Sling to access all local channels.

Hulu with Live TV

hulu live tv for streaming nfl

Hulu Plus Live is a more expensive option at almost $45. In many ways, it is the best option because of local affiliates, major broadcasts (FOX, NBC, CBS), ESPN, and NFL coverage. You do not get access to NFL RedZone, though, which means you cannot monitor action across the league.

fubo TV

fubo tv nfl streaming

fuboTV is the most expensive option and comes for $54.95, includes Fox, CBS, NBC, and it streams NFL. The major downside is that there is no ESPN access, which means no access to Monday Night games. You need fubo TV + Sling TV or Hulu TV, + NFL RedZone, which is an expensive option for maximum coverage.


espn nfl streaming

ESPN is a giant in sports broadcasting, and it covers the NFL extensively in both regular and postseason. ESPN’s simulcast of Monday Night Football is legendary, and for good measure, it throws in Spanish language coverage. Couple it with their high-quality graphics and analysis from experts, it is unmissable. It is both Web and mobile-friendly. It has both free and paid packages, which are easy to use.

ESPN already has limited access to streaming NFL games. CBS, Fox, and NBC carry a majority of the games. This leaves ESPN with the Monday Night Football game but is not available through plus. Like any nationally televised game on their main network channels, you will need a cable subscription. Streaming NFL comes down to using NFL Red Zone or ordering Sunday Ticket. It has been that way for a while now and is not likely going to change in the near future.

Sony, another broadcast giant, covers Superbowl and other NFL games in India on both mobile platforms and Web. You can access these via a VPN in the USA.

Premium live streaming options

YouTube TV

youtube tv nfl streaming

This is another excellent option. It allows you access to Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN, the NFL Network. Besides, YouTube TV offers a new add-on sports package that allows access to NFL RedZone.

Sky Sports

skysports nfl streaming

Sky Sports is an established and reputed network. If you are traveling away from the USA, especially to the UK, It offers one of the most comprehensive sporting events coverage. On the other hand, it is also an expensive channel.

NFL Sunday Ticket

nfl sunday ticket live stream

This is the most expensive option and yet the only real way to access all the NFL Sunday games, including those shown on and outside the TV market. For a single seasonal fee, the NFL Sunday Ticket allows you access to all afternoon shows. It is available as a standalone service and as part of DirecTV.

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