A HDTV Antenna Installation: Some Benefits Of Having One

One or more of the legacies of satellite positioning is High Definition TV (HDTV), and for those who are not able to get Satellite television they can make use of the HDTV Antenna. A large number of these units can be utilized either indoor or outdoor and make use of digital TV reception.

In the prior incarnation of antennas, it was hit and miss as to whether you would get a good picture or mostly snow and ghost images. With the new HDTV antennas you either receive a good picture or no picture at all.

When you think about the biggest selection of digital TV broadcasts in huge metropolitan areas, over 99% of U. S. Homes have access to at least one local station that broadcasts in digital. 89% can receive 5 or more channels.

Cable and satellite providers may offer hundreds of channels, but the data compression they use distorts the picture quality. You get artifacts and soft mushy images, or both. To get full resolution the off-air HD antenna reception is the better means of watching HDTV programs, and it has no monthly charges. Indoor antennas are comparatively small so they will sit on or near your TV. Outdoor antenna are much larger and meant to be mounted on the roof or attic.

Signal amplification is always a great thing, since the stronger the signal, the better the picture. Antenna amplifiers may be inside the antenna box, and you can get one that is outside. The internal amplifier may be best since it has hardly any distance for extra interference to be an issue.

When installing a HDTV antenna, you will need to put the antenna, just like the old ones, so that you will get the best reception. It can be beneficial to have a helper who can watch the television and report back to you. Although, most units have onscreen signal menus that can be employed to determine the exact numbers. Installing your own HDTV antenna can give you many hours of television viewing with no monthly bills for the service.

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